Morocco is grappling with widespread destruction following a catastrophic 6.8 magnitude earthquake, the most powerful to strike the nation on Friday, September 8, 2023. The impact has been staggering, with nearly 3,000 lives lost, thousands more injured, and buildings crumbled, pushing many towards homelessness. This seismic event has left numerous families in dire need of support.

As winter approaches, the affected individuals find themselves in makeshift shelters, battling plummeting temperatures and a scarcity of food. The freezing cold intensifies the challenges faced by those already in crisis. Rain increases the difficulties, turning tented settlements into muddy, flooded sites. Essential resources like winter clothing are scarce, and the constant threat of disease looms over communities.

Through our Winter Appeal, ‘Embrace Their Chill,’ we have swiftly mobilized a specialized emergency response team to deliver immediate aid to the affected areas in Morocco. Food Packs and Winter Kits will be distributed to address the urgent hardships faced by the residents. We are committed to providing real-time updates directly from the ground, ensuring transparency about your donations directly contributing to saving lives.

Your generous contributions can make a significant impact in helping displaced families struggling in the aftermath of the earthquake. Please contribute generously to provide resources and aid in rebuilding the lives of those affected.